Gabriel Barre Steps In As Dramaturge Literary Advisor For This is NOT A Drill, December 9-10, 2021

Holly Doubet is pleased to announce that Gabriel Barre has joined the creative team of This is NOT A DILL in the role of dramaturge. Gabriel Barre is an American director and actor best known for creating original musicals. His work has been seen on Broadway, throughout the United States, and across four continents internationally (

Writer, composer, and native-Texan Holly Doubet was introduced to Mr. Barre by Paul Bogaev, music director whose Broadway credits include Lion King, Dream Girls, Chicago, and Sunset Boulevard among many others. She is so excited to have Paul traveling to Dallas to work on the concert readings of 38 Minutes in December.

Paul began working on the project by saying “Holly – you really have something here.” After receiving the project on referral from Paul, Gabe stated “I rarely say this, but I agree with Paul! You do have something here.”

Working in the vital role of dramaturge, Gabriel Barre leverages years of his intense study of plays and musicals to add knowledge and interpretation to the characters, bringing the theatrics of 38 Minutes to life.

Gabriel Barre will be working closely with Paul Bogaev and Holly Doubet to cultivate the intensity and emotions expressed by the characters, for Holly’s musical production about events she experienced over the course of 38 minutes while in Hawaii in January 2018, when the islands received an official alert that a ballistic missile was headed in their direction.
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